The struggle over news literacy

My latest piece on news literacy was published in the UK journal, Journalism Education. I argue for the inclusion of political economic contexts in teaching people about news. It helps to know something about the systems and processes that produce news if you want to understand what you’re getting and what’s left out…

The struggle over news literacy: can we include political economic contexts in the emerging field of news literacy?

Surging in popularity, news literacy has tended to centre on an understanding of journalistic content and its importance for preserving democratic life. What typically receive less attention are the political, economic and cultural contexts in which news is produced. A focus on content is warranted, but examination of the institutions and structure of news media systems also is essential for developing a full appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of news content. Drawing on literature in media literacy, political economy of media, and media sociology, this paper argues for a context-centred approach to the critical analysis of news content as well as its production and consumption.

Read the full article here. It’s open access!


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